GP End Mill Cutting

  • Expertise in Tool Grinder Equipment
  • Strict Quality Control Measures
  • High Build Quality and Exceptional Reliability

For more than 15 years GP Tools Grindtec Precise Company Ltd has provided expertise in the field of tool grinder equipment, drill bit sharpeners and end mill grinding and cutting machines. The company has continually invested time and financial resources into research, design and the development of tool grinder production technology.

With strict quality control measures, the range of machines’ high-precision components are processed and thoroughly tested in-house at the company’s headquarters in Taiwan. With its own electrical motor production facility, each drill and End Mill Sharpener motor must pass rigorous temperature, pressure and insulation testing before leaving the factory. Because of the high build quality and exceptional reliability, the GP Tools portable drill bit and End Mill Sharpener range occupies 81% of the tool grinding market in Taiwan.

GP-13 End Mill Cutting Machine

Takes Just 55 Seconds

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If you have any end mills which are so badly worn or broken and cannot be sharpened, we still have a cost effective solution for you with the GP Tools End Mill Cutting Machine.

  • Cutting range from 3mm to 16mm end mills
  • Unique design with accurate dry cutting
  • X and Y axis with manual movement for easy alignment
  • End Mill rotates during cutting process to reduce cutting time and temperature
  • The cutting of a 10mm carbide end mill takes just 55 seconds
  • 3 jaw spindle chuck design for ease of replacing the work piece

Product Specification

Ø Drill Bit Range (mm) Ø3.0 ~ Ø16
No. of Flutes Sharpened Cutting Material: Solid Carbide or HSS
Power Supply 220 ~ 240V-AC, 50/60Hz
Motor Speed (R.P.M.) 250W / 5000
Supply Standard Wheel E100SDC-115 (for solid carbide) / E60WA (Ø100) (for HSS)
Collet Series N/A
Gross Weight (kg) 29.5
Dimensions (mm) 380×230×220