TDT Technology Ltd is the official UK & Ireland importer, sales distributer and service agent for a range of machine-tool-sector related manufacturers producing some of the most technologically advanced products and systems in the world. Two such technical partners being GP Tools Grindtec Precise Company Ltd of Taiwan and New Industrial European Components (NIC) srl of Milan.

Every company, employing machine tool engineers, has draws full of blunt drill bits and end mills that usually add up to thousands of pounds worth of redundant tools. So why not give your machine tool operators something to do during each cycle of their machine? Sharpen their old drill bits and end mills!

Drill & End Mill Sharpening Product Lines

GP Drill Sharpener

  • Grind Drills from 2mm to 52mm
  • High Speed Steel & Carbide
  • 90 to 140 Point Angle
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GP End Mill Sharpener

  • Sharpen End Mills from 2mm to 34mm
  • High Speed Steel & Carbide
  • 2,3 & 4 Flute
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GP End Mill Cutting

  • Expertise in Tool Grinder Equipment
  • Strict Quality Control Measures
  • High Build Quality and Exceptional Reliability
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