Light Lifting Gear

  • Industrial Neodymium Magnets
  • The fore-front of the industrial magnets
  • For loads of up to 2000 kg.

TDT Technology Ltd is the official UK & Ireland importer, sales distributer and service agent for a wide range of light lifting gear systems utilising permanent electromagnets and industrial neodymium rare earth magnets for use within the machine tool and precision engineering industry. TDT’s magnetic manual lifting products are provided by our technical partner AllMag, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tecnomagnete, who for over 30 years has manufactured and developed a wide range of permanent electromagnet material handling equipment and magnetic holders as well as custom-engineered neodymium industrial magnets.

AllMag is at the fore-front of the industrial magnets, magnetic material handling equipment and load lifting industry world-wide and also here in the UK exclusively through TDT Technology Ltd. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information once you’ve browsed the site – TDT Technology is here to provide the optimum magnetic lifting and material handling system for you.

Why use permanent electro magnetic Lifting systems?

The use of magnetic lifting gear greatly reduces set up times by removing the need for manual clamping of awkward loads that can often deform the components during moving. Strong magnets used as lifting devices provide more clamping power for larger workpieces and only require power for switching, keeping running costs to a minimum.

Magnetic Lifting Equipment Products

AllMag provides a range of permanent-electro magnetic lifting equipment for ferrous loads of any shape and dimensions for loads of up to 2000 kg.

MaxX Hand Operated Magnetic Lifters

From 125kg to 2000 kg

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The manual lifters of the MaxX series represent an ideal solution for moving ferrous loads in a quick, economical and safe manner. The product range provides lifting capacity from 125kg to 2000 kg with a safety factor of 3. With the simple motion of a lever, the MaxX will quickly lift, transport and release the load needing only a single operator and without compressing or deforming the load, allowing for plenty of motion even in limited space.

Once activated, a spring-loaded device locks the manoeuvring lever preventing any possible accidental deactivation. The technique known as neutral crown will not permit interference with the original state of the permanent magnets, ensuring maximum safety and reliability. This technology also allows an exceptional concentration of magnetic energy within the work field, ensuring a good hold on both the finished and unfinished parts.

AllMag manual lifters are based on permanent magnetic technology and therefore require no electrical power. They are also resistant to continual usage; the only moving component is a rotor which is centred on ball bearings. With no physical contact or friction during the rotation phase they can be “maintenance free” over a long period of time within normal working conditions.

Also from the MaxX series, the MaxX TG manual lifter is a new version with polar configuration designed for handling thin loads.

Bat-Grip Battery Lifters

Up to 1 week per charge

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Radio-controlled Bat-Grip lifters have a remote control and are powered by a standard high capacity battery. By only requiring power during the MAG and DEMAG phases the battery level is maintained for up to 1 week per charge.

Magnetic Prisms

V Groove

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With a V groove ground surface, best to clamp round or rectangular workpieces for grinding or marking-out operations.

Permanent Magnets

Resistance to impact

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Permanent magnets in alnico alloy, shielded with a brass ring enabling higher magnetic coactivity, allowing the item to maintain its characteristics even when inserted into ferrous components. Available in many different shapes and sizes and complete with an outer protection providing resistance to impact.

Magnetic Squares

Corner positioning

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Designed for the corner positioning of ferrous round and flat workpieces, ideal for welding or tracing operations.

Gripping Magnet

Manual Handling

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Designed for manually handling thin sheets.

Magnetic Flouters

Magnetic flux

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Located on the base of a stack of steel sheets, the flouters induce magnetic flux into the sheets, rejecting each other and making it easier to quickly remove the upper sheet.


Works in Seconds

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In just a few seconds it removes any eventual residual magnetism from the workpiece after being machined on a magnetic chuck.

Magnetic Separators

Magnetic grid

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A magnetic grid made from neodymium for dust and grained material separation.