Heavy Lifting Gear

  • Greatly reduces set up times
  • More clamping power for larger workpieces
  • Running costs are kept to a minimum

TDT Technology Ltd is the official UK & Ireland importer, sales distributer and service agent for a wide range of permanent electromagnet lifting gear systems for use within the machine tool industry, providing industrial magnetic equipment solutions for lifting and moving ferrous loads of any shape and dimension.

TDT’s magnetic manual lifting systems are provided by our technical partner Tecnomagnete, who for over 30 years have manufactured and developed a wide range of electromagnets for material handling equipment and magnetic holders as well as custom-engineered neodymium industrial magnets.

Thanks to original patents and a winning commercial strategy, Tecnomagnete has stayed at the fore-front of the magnetic work holding and load lifting industry world-wide and also here in the UK exclusively through TDT Technology Ltd.

Why use permanent electromagnet lifting systems?

The use of magnetic lifting gear greatly reduces set up times by removing the need for manual clamping of awkward loads that can often deform the components during moving. Strong magnets used as lifting devices provide more clamping power for larger workpieces and only require power for switching so running costs are kept to a minimum.

TDT Technology have the experience and expertise required by even the most exacting clients, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information once you’ve browsed the site – TDT Technology is here to provide the optimum magnetic work lifting system for you.

Magnetic Lifting Equipment Products

Tecnomagnete provides a range of permanent-electro magnetic lifting equipment for ferrous loads of any shape and dimension.

TM4 / TM6 Telescopic Beams

Hydraulic system

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Telescopic beams with a lifting capacity from 6 to 25 tons for handling single sheets with a minimum thickness of 4mm and a maximum length of 16m. Featuring a hydraulic system for high precision and reliability and the same permanent-electro magnetic technology as used in the TM model, but installed on a more economical fixed beam.

Model TM4 is equipped with 4 permanent-electro cross-beams and is able to lift loads up to 12m length and up to 20 tons.

The TM6 version, equipped with 6 cross-beams is able to work with loads up to 16m in length and 25 tons SWL.

The modules are installed on a fixed beam with configurations of 2/4/8 pieces to handle sheets from vertical position (stacks) to horizontal (machine bed) and vice versa. The permanent-electro magnetic pallets for all “zero point” clamping systems provide access to 5 sides in a single setup.

Also available in a version without a hydraulic telescopic system (model no. BF).

SMH / SML Modules

Electro magnetic

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Permanent-electro magnetic modules for blocks, the SML model are designed for steel plate handling while the SMH model is for forged/cast steel loads.

Capacity: from 3 to 20 tons.

RD Modules

Easy Clamping

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Permanent-electro magnetic modules for round workpiece handling, the special shape allows easy clamping of loads with curved surfaces.

EM Modules

Up to 8 Tons

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Electromagnetic modules with a lifting capacity of up to 8 tons, designed to clamp strapped bundles or packs of round, sectioned or sheets of ferrous loads.

CO / CV Modules

Handles Coils

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Permanent-electro magnetic modules for handling coils in vertical or horizontal axis designed specially for fully automated lines.

Tecnomagnete Special applications

Bespoke Solutions

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TDT, through Tecnomagnete can offer bespoke solutions for any sheet handling from horizontal to vertical positions, oxygen-cut pieces, profiles, pipes, rails, billets and all ferrous load lifting needs. Please Contact Us for any enquiries.