TDT Technology Ltd is the official UK & Ireland importer, sales distributer and service agent for the most technologically advanced neodymium magnets and permanent electromagnets used for both light and heavy industrial lifting gear solutions within the machine tool industry. We can provide electromagnet lifting equipment and rare earth magnets for industrial work lifting and for moving ferrous loads of any shape and dimension. The extensive range of magnetic lifting equipment available is manufactured by our technical partner Tecnomagnete and its sub-division AllMag. Within the combined portfolio you will find a selection of industrial, neodymium and rare earth permanent magnets of many shapes and sizes to handle a wide range of material and work handling applications.

Tecnomagnete: Product Lines

Light Lifting Gear

  • Industrial Neodymium Magnets
  • The fore-front of the industrial magnets
  • For loads of up to 2000 kg.
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Heavy Lifting Gear

  • Greatly reduces set up times
  • More clamping power for larger workpieces
  • Running costs are kept to a minimum
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Tecnomagnete AllMag Division Catalogue – Light Lifting Gear

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